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And Vice Versa “E.Tender” (DTR003)



mfp  /  ”Mindful Beats Vol.2″


Number : DTR-003

Price : 2,520yen

Presale : 1.2.2012

Sale : ?. 4. 2012

Digipak CD

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01. intro

02. 000

03. Half Moon Master

04. Soon

05. My Concrete Dance

06. Before Saying Goodbye

07. Behind Mr. Michel

08. The Place You Dream

09. She’s Got Angry

10. The Magic

11. Cowbell War

12. Tender





And Vice Versa “E.Tender” (DTR003) by Day Tripper Records



And Vice Versa


ヒップホップ、エレクトロなど様々なビートをベースに、サイケデリックなシンセ、メランコリックなアコギ、 自身のヴォーカルサンプル等をブレンドした音世界が特徴。

2010年7月には米、カリフォルニアのレーベルSomething Americaにて Magical MystakesとのスプリットEPをリリース

9月にはRefrain Recordsより1stフルアルバム[still beautiful]をリリースしている。


Masayuki Kubo’s solo music project And Vice Versa lies somewhere between the current renaissance in beat production, and a more innovative desire to find a new timbre.

Perhaps stemming from an understanding of jazz traditions, Kubo takes a very nuanced approach to developing rhythm and melody.

Creeping in and out of phase, vocal samples, filtered blips, arps and modulating bass lines come together with organic drum loops and samples to create a very warm psychedelic experience.

In June of 2010 he appeared on a split EP with Magical Mistakes which was released digitally and in CD-R in the states through the blog Something America.

Last September, he released his full length “still beautiful” on Japanese label Refrain Records.


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